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(video - 6.45mts. loop)



Some people enjoy what they are doing on a daily basis while others dislike it and/or become indifferent to it. But everybody goes through such periods as the inevitable part of a daily job. Some may learn the skill as a mechanical process in the beginning and then be able to enter in a 'zone' as years go by. Then the acquired skill brings certain joy, which goes beyond the economic aspect and eventually the person's actions start bringing enjoyment into his/er life. Most people become complacent to the boredom of a work place due to lack of a better option. 


Highly skilled gestures are like dance movements. As the physique is moving into a trance and the psyche is transported temporarily into a place of satisfaction and fulfillment. One can sense this feeling in anyone with a skilled set of hands at work. The unusual level of action unfolds right in front of our eyes where the mundane becomes magical. Enjoying the process takes the edge off, of the long working hours. The hard work is done light-heartedly and at least in the case of a highly skilled few. This aspect of psycho-motor mastery over a skill and the enjoyment of it can be seen anywhere within the working people, transcending the borders of class, creed, sex, language or culture of any society.


Some stills from the video are below, which was shot in Nepal and in India during 2014 - 2015, camera by Sebastian & edit by Naquash.



FILM _ 2 


(video - 5mts. loop)


We interact with a certain water body every day. The geographic demarkations by water function as socio-political as well as personal. Water resources are being used, abused and polluted everywhere is a point of concern. On a psychological dimension, the presence of water is part of our inner nourishment and it's visually abundant forms can be contemplative portals to our mind as well. When the light waves are reflected on to the ontological reality of the surface, it creates an ethereal world within us. But our gaze is not always on this phenomenon while we are lost in our conditioning and the emotions affect our perspective. Our fears are fluvial and passion fluid. This creates subtle agitations in the mind. Water plains can bring tranquility at times. Its mere presence can be the milieu of our meditations.


Some stills from the video are below, which was shot in US, Nepal and in India during 2015 - 2016. Camera by Sebastian & edit by Naquash.

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